Welcome to the Class Web 2.0 Wiki

This is the IST 611 class wiki, consider it our playground to learn about wikis. Most of the pages on this Wiki will be used to create a Web2.0 Wiki, but we'll also use it to organize the Web Conferencing session and other things that might come up during the semester.

TASK # 1

Your first task is to choose a partner and decide which Web 2.0 tools you would like to investigate. . Email the instructor (pberger@syr.edu) with the team members' names and your teams' top three tool choices by January 23. Listed below are your choices. If you don't don't know who you want to team with, send me your 3 top choices and I'll match you up. The instructor will post the teams below to their assigned technology by Sunday, January 30. You will need to join the Wiki to be able to post/edit information. Click on "Join" on the upper right side of the screen and follow the instructions.


When you have your tool and partner, you need to set up a wiki page.

1. Click on NEW PAGE on upper left.

2.Type the name of tool as the PAGE NAME

3. Click on the down arrow next to TEMPLATE; Choose Web 2.0 Tool

4. Click on CREATE

5. When the page appears, click on SAVE.

6. The page will automatically be added to the Navigation column on the left.

7. That's it. You created a page. Click on it in the Navigation column to go to your page and then "Edit this page" to start your work. The template is meant to help you and keep the design consistent through the Wiki.

Look at some of the Wikispaces HELP videos, but don't worry if something doesn't work correctly or if you delete something by mistake. Take some risks, I'll back you up: email me and I'll help you. (;>

Your choices of Web 2.0 tools to investigate are:

AnimotoDan Enders and Megan Dornbrock

DipityJennifer Adams and Angelic Wright

StoryBird Lynn Banghart and Courtney Saunders

Glogster Jessie Baldwin and Adrienne Fedyna

Edmodo Merrilee Witherell and Carmel Madsen

Polleverywhere Susanna Hall and Jennie Caniglia

Aviary Bernadette Pasek and Katherine St. Laurent

TeacherTube Sarah Vecchi and Annemarie Gregory