Edmodo is an educational tool that enables students and teachers to share ideas, files, and assignments as well as resources. http://www.edmodo.com/

Edmodo describes itself as a "social learning network," enabling collaboration and information and file sharing among teachers, students, and school administrators. The web-based application is free, and enables the establishment of groups that share information within a defined entity, such as a class. Participation requires permission and a school code, so it is relatively secure from participation from unauthorized users. Posting comments, photos, files, links and other digital content, as well as calendar updates are all included, so that due dates, events and information can be accessed at any time. Furthermore, Edmodo is accessible from iphones and other mobile devices, so it is useful for many students even if they are away from desktop access. It is a Web 2.0 tool because it enables back-and-forth collaboration, user-created content and sharing of the same, and is a dynamic, evolving tool where users can create and define its value.

Special Features:

  • Alerts
  • RSS Feeds
  • Polls
  • Recent Replies ( I loved this feature)
  • Spotlight
  • Tags
  • Calendar
  • Grade Log
  • Search Box

  • Free resource
  • Easy to navigate
  • Student / Teacher Access
  • Can be accessed on mobile devices, ideal for students or teachers working away from school or while on bus trips, etc.
  • Very easy to attach files and links
  • Refresh button
  • Can upload your picture ( or choose one of the photos that are included)
  • Limited personal information requested
  • Easy to change password
  • Teachers can send text alerts
  • Teachers can maintain a classroom blog
  • When items are pending in calendar, it highlights that there are upcoming events
  • Security features limit access to those with permission within the school community
  • Available in Spanish and Portugese

  • Weaknesses:

  • No "Help" tab
  • Cannot delete blogs as a student ( Not sure if you can as a teacher, do not have that access )
  • New blog is posted in ascending format
  • Cannot change background to personalize your page
  • Back button is the Edmodo logo
  • There is only one way to link to the Home page
  • Set up as an internal-use only tool, so input from outside sources is made available only when users post links or files

Comparison to similar Web 2.0 tools:

Tool: Twiducate http://twiducate.com
Twiducate is a free, safe, social network that teachers use to engage student in learning. Teachers can keep in touch with their students outside of the classroom and keep parents up to date with homework assignments, post discussions, collaborate, provide feedback, and share ideas.

Tool: 21 Classes http://www.21classes.com
21 Classes is a virtual classroom and blog port. A fun learning environment in which teachers can communicate with their students. A secure network that allows you to upload pictures, videos and text. This tool allows student writing to be either private or public within the network, which is a nice advantage. It is specific to facilitating the creation of blogs, so it is more limited in scope than Edmodo, but could be used in conjunction with it.

Tool: Facebook http://www.facebook.com
Facebook is a social networking site that enables people to stay connected. Facebook is used by millions of people to share photos, links and videos with friends and family members. It is also a tool to meet new people. Online chat makes it possible for people to communicate instantaneously. Edmodo compares favorably to Facebook in terms of its security and limited access, as well as its directed focus on education only.

Tool: MySpace http://myspace.com
MySpace is a leading social networking site. With its new image it is music-based and geared towards younger people. It has features like "moods", which depict the mood of the user, blurbs, and blogs. The music section is unique due to the fact that unsigned musicians can post and sell their music using SNOCAP . Edmodo compares favorably to MySpace in terms of security and its specific use for educational purposes.

Learning Connections

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Brief description of curriculum units


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This tutorial describes the purpose and uses of Edmodo, and demonstrates how to use some of its features, such as file sharing and inter-group communication in a safe, social-networking venue that is designed for educational use.

References, Articles, etc.

http://www.edu20.org is a free easy way to teach students online. Its mission is to make teaching more efficient and enjoyable. This free educational site enables teachers, students and parents to interact.

http://www.schoolrack.com is a free educational blog that keeps teachers, students, and parents on the same page. Files can be shared, discussions are held online, grades can be viewed, and much more.

The following articles discuss Edmodo:

Edmodo. This brief article dicusses how Edmodo is a private network for students and teachers. It was created on a micro-blogging model that gives the teacher ability the to deal with a fair amount of class activity online. http://www.appappeal.com/app/edmodo

Fleming, S. ( 2009). So Much More Than Twitter : Edmodo For Teachers. This article discuss how Edmodo is a Twitter-type application. Designed for teachers, this Web 2.0 tool allows networking and group participation. http://www.brighthub.com/education/k-12/reviews/33632.aspx

Morris, A. ( 2010). Extend Your Classroom with Edmodo. This article discusses how Edmodo is a social/ blogging educational site. The ease of using the web tool was noted, as well as participation from students, and eagerness to access and use the site. http://www.classroomtechtools.com/review/extend-your-classroom-with-edmodo

Thomas. Open Education; Free Micro- Blogging Site Educators. The article discusses how Edmodo is a work in progress, and new features will be continued to be added as needed. It does state it is a secure system for teachers to interact with their students. http://www.openeducation.net/2008/09/20/edmodo-free-microblogging-site-for-educators

Thurana, J. ( 2010). Edmodo- A Social Network for Teachers and Students. Edmodo is considered to the Face Book for Education. This site provides screen shot after screen shot that enables the viewer to get a better understanding of the Web 2.0 tool and the ease of using the tool along with the features it has to offer. http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/edumodo-social-network-teachers-students