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Dipity is used to create timelines. The timelines created can give information on a variety of topics from world events to personal itineraries. Dipity is a Web 2.0 technology because it "gives everyone a chance to create, share, publish, and collaborate" on the timelines that are created (Berger & Trexler, 2010, p. 3). It also is a Web 2.0 technology because it connects multimedia and social networking together. Users can use media such as, videos, images, and audio to enhance their timelines as well as follow topics from friends and acquaintances. Dipity users can connect this technology to Facebook, mobile phones, and Twitter, to name a few. The service is free, with a premium service that can be purchased for $4.95 a month; prices go up if higher plans are desired.
  • Special Features:

    • Personal tool for everyday life
    • Current events
    • Links to Facebook, Twitter, and mobile phones
    • Has views of the latest timelines
    • Pay as you go feature for Dipity Premium service
    • Ad Free Service for Dipity Premium Service
  • Strengths

    • Easy to use
    • Free
    • Organizes events, facts, and dates ex. Wedding
    • Only 3 bullets telling user basic information
    • Help link
    • Blog
    • Dipity directory for people and events
    • Privacy policy
    • No children under 13
  • Weaknesses

    • Information about the site is listed at the bottom

    • Purchase premium service Why is this a weakness?
    • Collect personal information and will share it
    • Uses “cookies” to track logging in and your usage
    • Those 13 and older can access any content on the site
    • Those without Internet access will not be able to use the site Yes, but isn't that's true for any Web 2.0 tool?

Comparison to similar Web 2.0 tools:

Has free/purchase software that lets you create timelines or anything you put your mind to. Great for university and school setting. Similar to Dipity, but with this site you can rate the timelines of others. Also an education package can be purchased to ensure restricted access to only certain students and teachers. This is a great feature to protect the privacy of students. Dipity does not have this feature.
It has free software or can be purchased with more add on features. Easy to use. Timeline layout is close together and can be confusing. Users can choose to share timelines with others or keep private.
This software is free, it also allows you to embed research and graphs. Great tool. Web page contains advertisements. Timelines can be grouped together according to similar topics. No special packages for educators and students. Not as detailed as the previous sites listed above.
Allows users to create personal timelines. Easy to access and view other's timelines. Works well with many different age groups. Allows only users of 13 years of age or older. Found no information about creating a personal free timeline on the site. Website will be discontinued in February 2011. It could be used for educational purposes, but Dipity and the timelines mentioned above would be better choices.
Users can create timelines on any topic. The service is free and allows anyone to create and share their own timelines with one another. It can connect to social networking sites such as: Facebook. Geared toward the everyday user instead of only educators and students. Could be used with students in schools and universities although sites, like TimeRime may work best instead.

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dipity tutorial.swf

This tutorial shows the features of Dipity and how to navigate the website. The video delivers step by step instruction on how to set up a Dipity account and create a timeline.

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